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Since our inception, SIMAT Consulting Group has been totally focused on building a long term strategic partnership with our Clients in our design tools, methods and training practice.

Greetings! I am a mechanical engineer with over 15 years of experience in automotive and speciality equipment design and development. My research interest is to reduce design changes in a product development process using verification and validation strategies, both qualitative and quantitative.

My passion towards advanced numerical solution techniques to solve complex engineering problems motivated me to develop advanced Python scripts to automate Abaqus and Adams simulation tools. With over ten years of experience in such automation work and teaching a course on 'Scripting Abaqus using Python' at Clemson University, I am excited to continue that effort through my own company 'SIMAT consulting group.'

Dr. Prabhu Shankar


SIMAT's services rests on three founding pillars: (i) Design tools and method; (ii) Training; and (iii) Simulation software reselling or distribution. With a vision to deliver solutions satisfying our valuable Clients, I thank our (present and future) clients' trust in our services. 

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