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Your partner for all things sensors

SIMAT Technologies and partners help you unlock more value from your team by providing supporting services for sensor-related engineering design and development. 

We developed our own software based on years of working in the industry and encountering the challenges ourselves. Now, we are here to meet your engineering needs with our expertise.

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Services offered

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
Point-based Strain gage analysis 

DFOS is our primary focus, but our expertise also extends to point based strain gage analysis. We offer custom software to support strain gage rosette analysis that go along with your strain gage hardware. We also provide services to support life and damage calculations.  

Software development

If you are a hardware manufacturer for sensors and are looking for a partner to develop custom software for your needs, we offer such service on a time and material basis. If needed, we can allocate dedicated resources to you so you can develop custom software as needed. Those resources will be an extension of your business.  

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Data Analysis Service (coming soon)

You do the data collection. Great. Now you are left with an  abundance of data. What next?

We offer extended analysis resources to create visualization and reports that help you make sense of your data. We will use iDAAS if it is distributed strain and temperature sensing and we will use custom software if it is a point- based strain gage data analysis.  

Data Management Service 

DFOS usually means an abundance of data, more than what you can make sense of. Managing all that data on-premise isn't an option today. We will help set up and manage your data on the cloud in the most efficient manner for your business. 

Data Cloud
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