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Why iDAAS?

The explosion of distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS) into new industries, applications, and users has resulted in massive amounts of data that is hard to manage, analyze, and visualize properly. This is why we created iDAAS.

Integrated data acquisition and analysis software (iDAAS) is an interrogator-agnostic and windows friendly tool to support data acquisition, visualization, analysis, and management.


With iDAAS, engineers, researchers, and students get the most out of their acquired data, helping them shape the products of tomorrow. 

One software for all your data needs

A single tool for distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS) users

Data acquisition, visualization, analysis, and management

Save valuable engineering time, get better insights and innovate faster

Data Management 1.png


Data Management

Speed up data management by 50% or more

Managing DFOS data today is mired in non-value added activities, explosion of file size and data reuse issues.

iDAAS streamlines and speeds up your DFOS data management with an advanced data structure and file manager. Up tp 10 GB of DFOS data can be read in under 1 minute. 


Data Analysis

Results in minutes, not hours

Today's software for DFOS data are limited by many things: weeks to calculate damage/life, strain/stress calculation challenges and custom code requirements. 

With iDAAS, engineers can now analyze life and damage, strain to stress for rosette groups, shape sensing and temperature analysis - all in a single tool.

Data Analysis.png
Data visualization.png


Data Visualization

Spend more time analyzing your results

Engineers struggle with slower decision making when handling DFOS data today. The disparate tools lead to increased validation time and risks of code overlap/change. 

iDAAS brings zone/station based data visualization capabilities to engineers, fully integrated from acquisition to visualization in one platform. 

Fast data analysis. Full of possibilities

 Calculate life and damage.

Define as many rosette groups as needed using Live Monitor.

Define as many group of sensing station (Zone) as needed for Stress & Life calculation 

Do damage comparison after design change.

Connect hardware, acquire data, and get analyzing. 

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